20 Styles tips on how to wear a white outfit

I think…no one can deny that ‘I never had a white shirt in my life.’ At least you used to wear them for school uniform, for working or some occasion. The white outfit is an item that everyone have in their wardrobe because it can be match with all colour. Then how about matching with white and white together?  Sometimes it looks like an outfit to go to religious ceremony (for Asians) 0r  Chinese Vegetarian Festival.

Yes, they wear! but it does not mean we can not wear the outfit with all white items. And it looks so chic too!!  You can wear it all day and the night follow in one cloth because it’s so simply and suit for all occasions.  If you can not imagine what it will be like. Let take a look these outfits, you will get a new idea for mix and match your cloth for dress up tomorrow.


1)  Wearing white crop top with white trousers and match with black accessories
like  a leather clutch bag, hi-heels or flats, panama hat and etc.


2) Wearing white T-shirt with long or short jeans.


3) Whatever you wear shorts or trousers keep your style cool with white blazer.


4) Easy-going look with White T-shirt and trouser or overall cloth.


5) More sweetie with white long white dress.


6) Simple and Chic with hi quality material


7)  Look sexy with V neck white jump suit.


8) All white outfit  make you’re more attractive and sweet.


9) Clean and simple with White shirt/White blazer


10) What a  fabulous outfit! Make you look like a celebrity.


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