9 Reasons Why Wearing Black Outfit Is The Best

For many countries in Asia, Black is a colour of sadness . We usually wear black to a funeral. So wearing all black outfit is rarely seen. But during the decades, dressing in minimal style began to be a trend. Wearing with monochrome or single tone is quite
popular and so classic. You can observe it from Hi-end fashion show, window display
even online store. And here are the reasons why you should try wearing all black outfit


  1. Simple but Chic even wearing Tee with a pants.


2) Black Outfit can be in any situation, just put on or take off some item.


3) You can match with any item. whatever sneakers or boots, trousers or jeans.


4) You are charming and confident.


5) You can look sexy even you wear a long sleeve shirt or pants.


6) You will get a slim effect from wearing black.


7) You look mysterious and more interesting.


8) You look like a rock star in black outfit.


9) You look more sweet even in dress or long dress.



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