9h nine hours

saved from ninehours.co.jp/en


A minimal design of urban hotel under the aims at defying the traditional vision of  “Capsule Hotels”  to stay overnight or short stay  period for a business trips, travels or overtime work. The meaning of this hotel is the basic actions: take a shower, sleep, and get yourself dressed, Which it simply replace these actions with the time spent: one hour
+ seven hours + one hour. and that becomes 9h nine hours.


In addition of cool concept, the decoration is so minimal, simple and satisfying. whatever the reception, shower, lounge, locker, washroom and capsule


And the most interesting things I gonna talk about is a minimal amenities. It’s so simple but It goes well with the overall mood of the hotel. It’s for sales and rental. You can check more information about the price at >> https://ninehours.co.jp/en/goods/


In part of these design above, I’m quite not sure about the exactly price because I found them in Pinterest and they didn’t show any details. But I like them a lot.



If I have chance to go to Japan again. I will try to stay there and take them back lol. Then I will talk about this topic again.  and till that day comes I might have new category about travelling. 🙂


For source and more information about this hotel please check:




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